What is Anti-Backstory?

Anti Backstory is an amazing community of people who love to role play and have fun. We take the role play serious especially when it comes to our amazing police force constantly patrolling the streets. We offer 4 main factions each with there own drug systems, realtors, car dealers, lawyers and EMS are some of the white-listed jobs we have available. Our application process is simple, and make starting a new life in our city an enjoyable experience. We have a brand new crafting system that gives meaning to all the jobs at the job center. From crafting essential items like weapons and bullet proof vests to the basic necessities such as food.

We have 350 cars right now including custom add on’s and we are about to drop 50 more through auctions and dealership. We have a working drag strip were you can legally and somewhat safely race or take to the streets and try your luck against the police. House, bank and gas station robberies each with different requirements to successfully do, and big rewards! Brand new casino with slot machines, dice rolling and penthouse suites. We are Anti Backstory, a city where no one has a 200 character backstory, it’s up to you to create your own story!

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